Does KFC Nepal import chicken?

Why import when we can make in Nepal!

We are 100% Nepali. We only buy high quality chicken from top notch Nepali suppliers like Valley Chicken.

Is the packaging sustainable?

Chicken lovers can be tree huggers too.

All our board and Plastic packaging are recyclable and Food Safe.

What is your secret recipe?

Love, of course! We’re not kidding, try it yourself!

We are 100% Nepali. We only buy high quality chicken from top notch Nepali suppliers like Valley Chicken.

Do you process your chicken?

Only 0% of our chicken is processed.

None of our chicken is processed. We only serve whole pieces of leg, breast, rib, wing or thigh meat. Products like Popcorn Chicken is made from whole pieces of boneless chicken that are cut down into bite size chunks.

What about Avian Flu?

The virus cannot be transmitted through cooked products.

To date, there has been no report of any Avian Flu cases among our suppliers. According to the WHO website, current indications are that the virus cannot be transmitted through cooked products. All our chicken products are cooked at very high temperature of 170 degrees Celsius, and is therefore safe to consume.

What is with KFC and MSG?

With great chicken comes great responsibility.

Yes, some KFC products contain MSG which is as per DFTQC (Department of Food Technology and Quality Control) norms. MSG occurs naturally in many foods, such as tomatoes and cheeses. Multiple studies across the world have shown MSG to be safe for consumption, if used as per limits. Many international Food and Drug Administrations consider the addition of MSG to foods to be generally recognized as safe. You can check the presence of MSG on our product packaging, menu boards and website.

Sometimes I see red deposits in the chicken. What is it?

No stress, it’s just the marinade

We marinate our chicken with herbs and spices and it’s freshly cooked at 170 degrees. It’s likely that sometimes, the marinade may get accumulated causing the chicken to look the way it does.

Does the chicken you sell have antibiotics?

We care about your health

Chicken supplied to KFC Nepal is free from any antibiotic residue, as our chicken supplies are subjected to a withdrawal period specific to each medicinal treatment. Additionally, our poultry suppliers follow the standards set by World Health Organisation (WHO) and only use antibiotics that are approved for veterinary use or dual use.

Do you sell Halal Chicken?

Certified Halal

All our chicken is sourced from Halal certified suppliers. Still not convinced? You can ask the store manager at your nearest KFC to show you the certificate that is issued to our suppliers.